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What’s keeping us from future-proofing our cities?

The world is rapidly changing and so are our cities - at least we think. In reality, this unfortunately is not always the case.

Legacy infrastructure, lack of funding, dysfunctional politics, bureaucratic hurdles or simple lack of awareness of what else is out there - there are many reasons why new ideas and approaches for our cities do not come to fruition. It is what you can call a „wicked problem“ - a systemic grid lock that is hard to overcome.

This is where we come in.

What are Urban Technologies for us?

For each of these areas we are identifying high-impact use cases and work with start-ups that can make a big difference:

Physical City
Citizen Services

What we offer

Who we work with?


Anthony Townsend

Founder of Bits & Atoms and Author of “SMART CITIES: Big Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for A New Utopia

Urban Impact is uniquely positioned to tap into the exciting startup ecosystem in Berlin and beyond. If you want to be on the inside of Europe's most dynamic urban tech community, Dominik and Jonas are must-have partners.

Ute Weiland

CEO, Germany - Land of Ideas

I have known Jonas for many years. He is passionate about better solutions for cities and a talented networker. I admire his strong sense for vision, strategy and action and we are happy to collaborate with Urban Impact on finding innovative solutions.

Wiktor Warchołowski

Co-founder, Airly

Jonas and Dominik were helping us with developing a strategy in Germany for our air quality monitoring system. They provided wonderful expert advice on that and helped us with the first pilot in Berlin which led to significant interest from the German market. These guys would be wonderful additions to any urban-tech start-up looking to expand in Europe.

Matthias Heskamp

Chairman, paper planes e.V. & Co-Initiator, Radbahn

For the last year, Dominik and Jonas have supported us with hands-on advice and networking on how to push Berlin’s trailblazing Radbahn project forward. Based on one of their suggestions, we now can count ourselves lucky to have been awarded over 2m€ in funding from the German federal government - bringing the actual implementation of Radbahn significantly closer to reality.

Jan Lachenmayer

Managing Director, enpact

The field of Urban Innovation is in need of bridge builders between the diverging worlds of city governments, startups and Venture Capital. I believe Jonas and Dominik are key actors to make this happen and with this change the landscape of urban innovation as well as impact investing.

Sophie Münzberg

Innovation Team, Impact Hub Berlin

Urban Impact played a seminal role in co-designing and facilitating the Innovation Journey during the Better Together Award program '19. Their expertise and network in the field of green urban innovation were key in creating a professional, sustainable and entertaining learning experience for our global awardees.

Thomas Kiwus

Project Manager & NEW WORK Network Co-Founder, Stromnetz Berlin

As Germany’s largest metropolitan distribution grid operator, we are a key enabler of the energy and mobility transition for the city of Berlin. Urban Impact helps us to explore new ways of working and use cases with best-in-class start-ups from across Europe as well as through corporate trainings and inspirational key notes.

Damian Polok

WEF Global Shapers, Frankfurt Hub

Dominik and Jonas are true connectors and multipliers who understand both VC and cities as powerful catalysts for environmental and societal change on a global scale.

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